In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, the demand for advanced diagnostic imaging services is skyrocketing. According to a recent report, the global diagnostic imaging services market is expected to reach $872.7 billion by 2030. The rising number of chronic diseases drives this growth and the increasing use of advanced imaging technologies like Endoscopy is leading the way in revolutionizing patient care by integrating DICOM compliant technology.

The standardization has led to a significant enhancement in communication among specialists, leading to quicker and more effective patient care on a global scale. Besides, DICOM technology saves time and resources for healthcare providers by improving image quality and accuracy by seamlessly integrating with EHR systems. So, healthcare providers are now transitioning to DICOM compliant equipment and software to enhance the quality of patient care. Care. What else?

Let’s discover the 6 top benefits of using DICOM compliant software in the endoscopy facility.

Before diving in, we have to know about DICOM first. 

6 Fantastic Benefits of DICOM Compliance in Endoscopy Software For Better Healthcare 1

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Benefits of DICOM compliant Software

IT-driven digital imaging in endoscopy systems has become paramount worldwide in today’s healthcare industry. This is where the adoption of DICOM amenable software has emerged as a game-changer for endoscopy practices. Eventually, healthcare professionals will start to adopt its advantages. 

I. Capturing High-Quality Medical Images

Medical imaging software with DICOM compliance ensures the capturing of high-quality images and videos of endoscopy. Also, it enables precise compression, and standardized data storing and transfer protocols. This is vital for accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, and medical record-keeping.

High quality endoscopy images

Most importantly, these captured images and videos are consistent in quality across different devices and locations. Through DICOM featured software, healthcare providers can store image files and easily retrieve and analyze them anytime, from anywhere.

II. Streamlined Workflows, Reduced Errors

DICOM technology ensures that medical images and related information are handled in a standardized way to avoid miscommunication among professionals. The software frequently incorporates automated image processing, routing, and reporting features. The automation capabilities greatly enhance workflows by reducing the need for manual data entry and repetitive tasks. This minimizes the risk of errors and significantly improves overall efficiency.

Furthermore, integrating EHR systems with DICOM compatible equipment and software helps to minimize errors caused by incomplete or fragmented data.

III. Seamless Collaboration Across Disciplines:

DICOM compliant imaging software allows efficient data sharing among diverse healthcare professionals, even across healthcare providers.

An endoscopist can easily share patient reports and image files with other specialists to get their expert opinions in complex cases. Thus, systems that use DICOM technology allow all healthcare professionals to collaborate in endoscopy patient care, regardless of their location specialty. This system helps to make diagnoses and treatment plans more accurate and efficient, leading to better patient outcomes.

DICOM compliant systems help healthcare teams access specialist expertise, exchange information, and make informed decisions to improve patient care.

IV. Informed Decision-Making Through EHR Integration

DICOM facilitates informed decision-making through seamless integration with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in endoscopy procedures. Using DICOM, standard format images and videos can be easily integrated into the patient’s EHR. 

Benefits of DICOM compliant in endoscopy software for better healthcare

It allows gastroenterologists and other healthcare providers to access patient information alongside clinical notes, lab results, and other relevant information. This integration enables a comprehensive view of the patient’s medical history and diagnostic findings. Thus, it empowers clinicians to make informed decisions about treatment plans, follow-up procedures, and patient care. 

For example, gastroenterologists can correlate findings with previous procedures and patient data when reviewing endoscopic images within the EHR. So they can quickly determine the most appropriate course of action. Using DICOM for EHR integration helps healthcare providers improve diagnostic accuracy, enhance care coordination, and optimize patient outcomes in endoscopy.

V. Time Savings, Increased Productivity

DICOM standards enable easy integration with healthcare software solutions like EHRs and Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS). This integration saves time for healthcare providers by reducing the need to enter data and avoiding duplicates manually. This benefit helps healthcare professionals save time and focus more on patient care, improving productivity and efficiency.

VI. Optimizing Data Storage

Healthcare organizations in the modern era deal with a lot of data, with 90% coming from medical imaging. As the demand for better endoscopy image and video quality grows, the larger file size is now a challenge for storage and transmission.

To solve this problem, DICOM compliant software incorporates compression algorithms. This reduces the image and video files without compromising the quality. Thus, large image and video files can be saved in minimal storage and transmitted faster than ever.

Real-World Success

Healthcare organizations like Phòng khám Đa khoa Hoàng Long in Vietnam have already seen significant benefits from leveraging DICOM complaint endoscopy software like EnvisionNEXT; This software makes it easy for healthcare professionals to query patient data, capture, save, and report and find endoscopy image. The FujiFilm VP-7000 system can get patient information from Envision NEXT using the DICOM Modality Worklist (MWL) feature. This makes it easier for the user to choose the patient and start the exam without manually entering any data.

EnvisionNEXT portal

Endoscope images can be automatically sent back to Envision NEXT using the DICOM Storage function. This reduces the need for extra computing hardware in the Endoscopy room, saves on electricity, and eliminates diversion. After the exam, Endoscopists can access the image from their own computers and input findings in a structured way.

Structured reporting of EnvisionNEXT

By integrating seamlessly with other existing systems, EnvisionNEXT can use DICOM, HL7, or REST API to send images and the endoscopy finding report to the Hospital Information System (HIS), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), Laboratory Information System (LIS) and the VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive).

Several healthcare providers in different countries across South East Asia use this Endoscopy IT System. This software saves time and money and improves diagnosis care delivery for patients. It shows the real impact of DICOM compliant endoscopy software in clinical settings.

Final Thoughts 

Today, it’s essential for endoscopy practices to use DICOM compliant software due to the fast-paced healthcare technology industry. Following this industry-standard protocol helps healthcare providers access benefits like better data management, collaboration, and, ultimately, better outcomes.

Are you ready to elevate the endoscopy practice to provide your patients with the highest level of care? Explore endoscopy solutions that have DICOM features today and get a free trial of the Envision NEXT Endoscopy IT system.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Compliance with DICOM standards guarantees the seamless transfer of high-quality endoscopic images between medical systems.
  2. This technology streamlined workflows and reduced errors through automation and integration.
  3. It creates smooth cross-disciplinary collaboration and data sharing.
  4. Informed decision-making through EHR integration has become more accessible through DICOM by using software in the endoscopy process.
  5. This technology saves time and costs by reducing manual efforts and optimizing data storage.
  6. DICOM compliant software like EnvisionNEXT is elevating endoscopy patient care to the next level.
6 Fantastic Benefits of DICOM Compliance in Endoscopy Software For Better Healthcare 2

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